CMCP Certification

Commercial Real Estate Certification Institute

Jump-start your career in commercial property management with the Certified Manager of Commercial Properties (CMCP) certification – the first certification of its kind for early-career commercial property managers. CMCP demonstrates your ability to be an effective commercial property manager and validates foundational knowledge in key areas of property management.

The CMCP Advantage

Why the CMCP Certification Is Right for You!

  • CMCP is the only certification of its kind for early career commercial property managers – you may qualify with as little as one year’s experience
  • Instantly communicates your ability to be an effective commercial property manager with a strong understanding of the responsibilities of the role
  • Offers recognition early in your career and increases your value to your company and the industry
  • Signals to employers you have the potential to advance and grow in your career and can navigate the fast-changing world of commercial real estate
  • Boosts confidence by validating your knowledge of fundamental commercial real estate operations and management principles
  • May increase your chances for promotion and/or additional responsibilities and opportunities

Why Do Employers Support the CMCPCertification?

  • Identifies employees who are serious about a career in commercial property management and may be candidates for additional investment in training and education
  • Quickly assists employers with on-boarding new property managers by assessing industry knowledge and career potential
  • Helps evaluate a new property manager’s readiness for new responsibilities and career advancement
  • Uncovers areas where more training and experience may be needed
  • Helps boost employee recruitment and retention by identifying a career path for commercial property management and providing early recognition for achievement and knowledge
  • The certification exam is based on rigorous standards and ongoing research. You can be sure the CMCP reflects the latest industry best practices
  • Supported by BOMA International and BOMI Certification, Inc., trusted market leaders in real estate education and training