About Us

Build Success with BOMA Baltimore’s knowledge, resources and collective power behind you. We’ll help you increase the value of your commercial real estate and stay on the cutting edge in the property management industry.

The Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Baltimore, Inc. has brought together the expertise, experience, relationships and collective interests of the commercial real estate industry to achieve the goal of Building Success by enhancing the value of both commercial real estate and the people who own, manage and support it.

A professional trade association with over 300 members, BOMA Baltimore’s mission is to actively represent the best interests of the commercial real estate owner, the real estate professional, and our associate members through effective leadership in advocacy, collection and dissemination of industry information, education, community involvement, membership participation, and professional development.

Our values permeate everything we do:

Integrity. We prize our reputation for our dependable service to our members, their tenants and the community at large and we value above all else the trust they place in us.

Loyalty. As a professional trade association, we are welcoming to our members and loyal to the industry. Beyond that, our members are loyal to each other, forging friendships that span many years.

Helping others. We help our members balance the heavy responsibilities they carry, providing support, information, advocacy – and even fun. Through our community service programs, we provide assistance to those in need in the Central Maryland region.

Profitability. We seek to support our members’ efforts to build solid revenues and profits in their businesses. Yet our bottom line is not limited to money. We work to grow our members professionally and personally in strong and vibrant communities.

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According to the EPA, Americans now use an average of 100 gallons of water each day—enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses. By using water more efficiently, buildings can save money, help preserve water supplies for future generations, and protect the environment.